Javed Akhtar confirms he wanted to write a biopic on Rakhi Sawant’s life

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Rakhi Sawant is currently basking in the glory of her stint in Bigg Boss 14. She was a total entertainer in the house and is continuing to do so even after BB. Rakhi recently made a shocking revelation that lyricists and actor Farhan Akhtar’s father Javed Akhtar wanted to make a biopic on her life. Rakhi said in an interview that it was before the Covid-19 pandemic that she got a call from the writer saying that he wants to write a biopic on her. The former Bigg Boss 14 contestant said that if it were to materialize, her biopic would be very controversial and she isn’t sure if the audience would like to watch it.

Rakhi recalled and told India TV, “I got a call from Javed Akhtar Ji, before Covid, about a year old. He said that he wanted to write my biopic and had asked to meet him. But after that day, I did not get to meet him. They want a biopic to be made on me, but my biopic will be very controversial and I do not know whether the people of the country would like to see it or not?.”

Rakhi was also of the opinion that if she doesn’t play herself in the biopic, it would be Alia Bhatt, she said, “I don’t know if they will cast me or cast Alia, or Priyanka Chopra. I love myself but if I don’t do it, then Alia can do or any best actresses like Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor Khan can do as all are number one actresses and are my favourites.”


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Meanwhile, confirming Rakhi’s comment, Javed Akhtar told Spotboye that the two were on a flight when Rakhi told him about her childhood and Akhtar was interested in writing a script on her life, he said, “No, she is right. I think some four or five years back we were on the same flight and she told me about her childhood and I did tell her that someday I would like to write a script based on her life .”

Meanwhile, Rakhi is currently getting her mother Jaya treated for cancer and she is often spotted at the hospital to pay visits.

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