KBC 13: What is the answer to THIS Rs 1 crore question that made the contestant quit Amitabh Bachchan’s show?

In the latest episode, one more contestant made it to the Rs 1 crore question on KBC 13. However, contestant Savita Bhati could not answer the same and decided to take home Rs 50 lakhs. Bhati, who is a senior nursing superintendent from Jodhpur, correctly answered 14 questions. However, she was unsure about the Rs 1 crore question and did not take the risk, and left the show.

What was the Rs 1 crore question?

The question was “During World War I, at which battle in Turkey in 1915-16 did around 16,000 Indian army soldiers bravely fight along with the Allies?” Her options were Galicia, Ankara, Tabsor and Gallipoli. The correct answer was Gallipoli.

Savita, who had exhausted her final lifeline, did not feel like doing any guesswork and chose to quit. Incidentally, when asked to pick one answer, she chose Gallipoli and Amitabh informed her that how she missed out on the chance to win Rs 1 crore.

Amitabh was all praises for her. He said, “Not many people reach this stage. And I feel that in this season, the contestants who have reached this stage or who have won Rs 1 crore, most of them have been women. So, a big round of applause for women.”

For the unversed, Savita is the third contestant of KBC 13 to reach the Rs 1 crore question. Last month, Himani Bundela took home Rs 1 crore and became the first crorepati of this season b. However, she was unsure of the answer to the Rs 7 crore Jackpot question. Earlier this month, Pranshu Tripathi also made it to the Rs 1 crore question but he chose to quit the show and took home Rs 50 lakh.

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