Mahira Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput
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Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on June 14. It was a huge set back for the nation as a shockwave was set among his fans and the industry. Now, the case has taken up a whole new face when the investigation has begun. Mahira Sharma, who is one of the most loved contestants from ‘Bigg Boss 13’ recently spoke to us about Sushant’s suicide and she finds it hard to belives that a person like Sushant would take such a drastic step.


Mahira said, “I’m sure ki insaan kitna bhi depression meh ho, suicide nai kar sakta. I mean a person succumbs to suicide only when he is completely broken. But a person(Sushant) who was in himself so brainy, talked about space, who has so much knowledge and gives it to others. So he can’t do like this. I don’t know what is the truth, but I have a feeling that Sushant can’t do suicide. Now so much information is coming to light so there must be some reason right. And I believe in Karma, if this has happened or someone has done it or not, Karma will pay them back no matter how much things are hidden. Because people purposely create a lot of things for others.”

Relating to her Bigg Boss journey Mahira said, “Like a lot has happened with me too after getting out of Bigg Boss. A lot of people have tried to spur up controversies about me to defame me. But I believe in Karma and when that is there the other person can’t do anything as they will get it back.

Further talking about Sushant she said, “But this is really shocking, whenever I talk about Sushant I still get tears in my eyes. He was a different person, it is not like he was my favourite hero. But I really liked him a lot.”

When asked about the mental health conversation being submerged under the current murder theory, Mahira said that mental health conversation was only in the start of the case but after investigation when so many details have come to light, it’s no more discussed. She said, “Ab kya pata jo suicide nai tha usko suicide dikhane ke liye bola gaya hai.” She further added, “When his family is feeling that he was ok and that he was going to meet them, then how can it be a suicide.”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Mahira was seen with Paras Chhabra in a new single titled ‘Ring’.

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