EXCLUSIVE: Nakuul Mehta on balancing work and family: I’m seeing son Sufi grow vicariously through video calls

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Nakuul Mehta and his wife Janki Mehta welcomed son Sufi on February 3, last year. The couple initially decided to not reveal his face to the nation on social media. But Nakuul’s fans were surprised when the actor posted a picture of Sufi. It was superly a sweet surprise and we can’t get enough of the little cute munchkin. In an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble on Xtraordinary you, we asked Nakuul what changed his mind to introduce Sufi to the world and the reply will melt your heart.

Nakuul told Bollywood Bubble, “It’s very tough. I am living my life I am seeing him grow vicariously through video calls. When I am back home in the night he is gone to sleep. It’s hard. Not to say that I am pushed into this, I mean I could have chosen to extend my time with him which I got first six months uninterrupted because of the pandemic. But also somewhere selfishly, professionally this gives me a lot of joy and I feel that joy I take back home and I am hoping that when he grows up a little older if he would be proud and happy to see his father do something.”

Taking about initial days with Sufi, “Honestly Janki and I are just a solid team. We said ok this is what is the reality lets tide through it. I think it is hard for any parent. I thought we did a pretty good job and credit to her, she was super strong through it and sometimes we sort of I dont think understand the resilience these young lives have and he was amazing through it and I think that gave us courage and confidence. I am so glad that happened initially because that also gave us a lot more. We suddenly grew up to be parents. From being like ‘Hey! we’re parents now’ to now becoming responsible of a life. It thought us a lot.”


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Talking about finally choosing to reveal Sufi’s face on social media, Mehta said, “We were such police with our families. We didn’t share his picture with anybody. Purely, I didn’t want him to grow up on social media. We didn’t want the photos to come out in press and people making all kinds of comparisons with other kids, etc. It is not fair on him. But we also reached a point where my parents couldn’t even share his photos with the family. Because of the pandemic, we couldn’t invite people over. I think I got to a point where I felt bad for both sets of parents. So I said ok ‘do this tomorrow. Let me just put this out.’ It is not that we didn’t want to share with our loved ones. It is just that you are protective.”

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