‘Ramayana’ Actress Mahika Sharma stuck in UK; says “I’m lonely and caged”

Image Source - Instagram

The Coronavirus pandemic has left the entire world devastated. However, amidst this, TV actress Mahika Sharma has been stuck in the United Kingdom away from her friends and family. The actress best known for her roles in shows like ‘Ramayana’ and ‘FIR’ has been in self-quarantine Alone in the UK.

Mahika has now revealed her ordeal and how she is managing her days in the foreign state amid the COVID-19 crisis. Expressing her feeling, Mahika said, “Even if in India is a 21-day lockdown, the air and the environment in the country pamper everyone of us. It feels good to be surrounded by your own people, everything helps to feel relax and boost your energy. However, in a foreign country, it is extremely disturbing. You feel very weird and uncomfortable.”

The actress further revealed, “I’m feeling awkward to return to India because people will not like coming close to me as they will think that I’m carrying the virus. I’m not able to understand what is happening around and feel badly stuck.I feel very lonely and caged.”

Mahika further revealed how she is handling things in London as she is staying there all alone. She stated she is really fond of Indian food but here she needs to rely on salads, fruits, and juices, and she is badly missing home food. The former Miss Teen Northeast added, “These days have become nightmares and it is not a good feeling as I’m scared. However, I’m healthy, but reading and listening about the virus constantly is disturbing me.”

The actress is observing her Navratras to ward off the fears and is spending time worshipping Goddess Durga.

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