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Actor Rupali Ganguly is riding high on the success of Anupamaa. The TV show tells a story of a mother who gives her life to her family but not to herself. The show is about a woman who then makes her own identity and makes a life for herself when her husband divorces her and marries another woman. Producer Rajan Shahi’s show is garnering a good response but did you know Rupali who plays the titular role had apprehension about playing the lead role. She felt she was ‘plump’ for her role and told the makers that she first needs to lose some weight to get into the character.

However, the producer told her that he wants a mother, not a heroine. He explained that mothers don’t get time to hit the gym or have a flat stomach. She told ETimes in an interview, “When I joined Anupamaa, I was a little plump and I told our producer Rajan Shahi that you want a heroine and at this age, let me lose some weight. But the producer told me that he didn’t want a heroine but a mother instead. ‘I want a mother and you are perfect for the role because mothers are like this. Mothers don’t get time to hit the gym and have a perfect figure and have a flat stomach. Maa maa hoti hai, she will first think about her kids, family, house and later maybe she will think about herself if she gets time’.”



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The Sarabhai Vs Sarabhai actor further added, “I was a housewife for seven years and was at home. So there was a self-doubt when I joined the show. Will I look good on-screen, will I look fat? Especially when you were once known for having a good figure. So to accept yourself onscreen and what people will think of me like why has she put on so much weight, how will look, will my show be accepted because maybe I will be so bad, will I be able to act well after seven years gap, there were so many self-doubts.”

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