Sejal Sharma leaves a suicide note; doesn’t blame anyone for her death

Image Source - Instagram

Television actress Sejal Sharma’s suicide has left everyone shocked. Everyone is grieving on the sudden demise of the ‘Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji’ actress. As per the latest report in Times of India, Sejal Sharma left behind a suicide note before committing suicide. She hasn’t blamed anyone in the suicide note.

She hanged herself from the ceiling fan in her Apartment in Mira Road. Her body was found hanging in her bedroom at around 5 am. As per reports, she was depressed that her show stopped halfway and she didn’t have any other projects.

Sejal’s co-star Nirbhay Shukla told SpotboyE that she was stressed due to her father’s health. He said, “I had texted her on November 15 to meet and she replied to me saying that she was travelling to Udaipur for a medical emergency. I asked her what had happened and she replied to me saying that her father had got a heart attack. Sejal’s father was unwell since quite some time, he was suffering from cancer. The heart attack must have shaken her up. I kept following with her and she said he’s recovering but all is not well. And, then I got busy with my work.”

Sejal hailed from Udaipur and she came to Mumbai a few years back to fulfill her dreams. But alas, she succumbed to depression and ended her life.

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