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Shama Sikander postpones her destination wedding to fiancé James Milliron due to Coronavirus outbreak

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Had things been going on as usual, and there had been no Coronavirus outbreak all over the world, Shama Sikander and her fiance James Milliron would have been busy at this time planning their wedding. Instead, they are now stuck at home in self-quarantine. However, the couple is optimistic and have postponed their wedding for now.

Shama Sikander recently spoke to Bollywood Bubble about her lockdown time, where she spoke about spending some quality time with her close ones. Have a look at the video right here:

Talking about her wedding planning, Shama said while talking to talking to TOI, “We had planned a destination wedding in September-end and almost everything, including the venue, was finalised. We were all set to zero in on a date when the pandemic hit. Both our families had started preparing for the big day. James’ family doesn’t travel and so, his parents don’t even have a passport. We had asked them to initiate the paperwork and get their passports made. However, the plan is on hold for now, as I don’t think it will be safe to travel around that time.

While speaking to Bollywood Bubble, Shama recently narrated an incident when she had lost her passport in the US and had major troubles due to it. Have a look:

Also, COVID-19 has changed our ideas about everything in life. We are just trying to help those around us to get through this tough time. And, that has definitely brought more joy to us. The wedding will happen whenever it has to,” added Shama while talking to TOI.

Shama also shared some gorgeous makeup tips, and how to stay decked up even in the worst of times. Have a look at the candid conversation right here:

James is with me in Mumbai, and his parents are Alone there. We are worried about them, as they are old and his father was unwell around four months ago. We are constantly in touch with them. I can imagine how difficult the situation can get for those who are living alone. It can take a toll on you emotionally. I am glad that James is with me during this crisis. Besides spending quality time with each other, I am also learning to adapt to a different and a new way of life. I have started meditating more and also valuing things, which we otherwise tend to take for granted,” concluded Shama while talking about her wedding to TOI.

Shama and James dated for a year and got engaged back in 2016. They have been in courtship since then, and finally decided to get hitched, and that too got postponed due to Coronavirus outbreak all over the world. Let’s wait and watch when the two finally get hitched.

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