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Kundali Bhagya star Shraddha Arya had an intimate yet grand wedding as she got married to a Delhi-based Navy man Rahul Sharma on November 16 in Delhi. The actor still hasn’t shared her first wedding pictures on her Instagram account but her friends are keeping her fans updated with her wedding updates which look super fun. Just recently, we stumbled upon a bidaai video and just like her, even we can’t stop laughing about it.

When bidaai ceremonies are considered to be emotional and teary-eyed for the brides, Shraddha, on the other hand, normalised the ceremony with her laughter. She showed us how a bride needs to be cheerful and happy during her bidaai ceremony. In the video, we see Shraddha in the car and asking her friends to miss her. However, she later hilariously tells her single friends to burn in jealousy as she got married. LoL. Her bidaai video will surely leave you in splits.


Watch the video of Shraddha bidaai below:

In another video, we see Shraddha asking her husband-to-be to pick her up to the mandap. Like a sweetheart, the groom obeys her and picks her in his arms, making the crowd go all ‘Ohh’. Well, Shraddha’s wedding seemed amazing.

Meanwhile, Shraddha Arya has shared some gorgeous pictures from her pre-wedding festivities on her social media handle where she looked extremely beautiful. She looked radiant with the marriage glow on her face. Stars like Anjum Fakih, Heena k Parmar, Neha Adhvik Mahajan and many more had attended her wedding rituals.

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