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The magic of romance is all set to leave the fans spellbound in the latest venture of COLORS titled Sirf Tum. The show will portray the love story of two young and pure hearts. Playing the lead roles in Sirf Tum will be Vivian D’Sena and Eisha Singh. Vivian D’Sena will be playing the role of Ranveer in the show, who is like a raging fire that can’t be quelled, and Eisha Singh will be seen as Suhani, who is as calm and soothing as water. While Ranveer and Suhani have completely opposite personalities, both of them are about to be struck by cupid. Sirf Tum is all set to bring you the season of ishq that will leave you swooning!

Eisha Singh expressed her excitement on playing Suhani by saying, “This love story will appeal to audiences of all ages. Suhani is a beautiful, strong-willed character and I truly feel blessed to get a chance to play her. A terrific cast and crew have been assembled for Sirf Tum, who are all ready to bring the magic on your TV screens! COLORS has truly continued its grand tradition of bringing outstanding shows for everyone. Years after ‘Ishq Ka Rang Safed’, it feels amazing to be back in the COLORS family once again with ‘Sirf Tum’!”


Vivian D’Sena, opening up about being cast as Ranveer, said, “Colors has always been home for me. Rashmi Sharma is a great producer and she has always trusted me as an actor and taken good care of me, respected my professional decisions and has always given me creative space to showcase my performance. Love story is just a generic term used to describe a show where you see a hero and heroine being romantically involved. But this show is much more than just another love story.”

He further added, “Like I have always said, the audience will definitely see a new side of me with this new show. My character in the show is not like a usual daily soap hero, it’s more of a realistic approach and that’s what got me on board for the project. Grateful to Colors and RSTF for having faith in me. Hopefully with all the team effort and creative capabilities we will be able to entertain our audience and put up a good show once again”.

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