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Vivian Dsena is currently on a sabbatical from work but that doesn’t stop him from being the voice of reason for many. The actor, who rose to fame with Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani, opened up on how the negativity around has affected him as well in these testing times but he has always chosen to look at things optimistically. He said, “It has psychologically impacted everyone- the rich and the poor. Our liberty has been taken away, so it is natural that we think negative first and positive later.”

Vivian, in an interview with Hindustan Times, added, “I have gone through lows and highs, like many others. I have been affected with the negativity around. God doesn’t give you problems that you can’t deal with. We are all capable I believe that end mein sab theek ho jayega.”


Vivian also shared that while he is sure that things will get better, he mentioned that people who are being delusional during this time and worrying about not going to their favourite restaurant or holiday destination is highly annoying.


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Vivian shared, “The problem is sab ko apni problem badi aur bank balance chota lagta hai. People are ungrateful and don’t count what they have but focus on what they don’t. It’s unbelievable to hear some people complain about not being able to go on holidays or to their favourite restaurants, bhai people don’t have food to eat, they don’t have a house, or money for medical expense. For me, the important lesson Covid taught was that essentials are enough for all, rest of it all is for added value.”

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