After Aamir Khan its Shah Rukh khan’s turn to Quit Twitter

Shah Rukh Khan has sworn off the micro blogging site twitter, this the second time he has done so,two years back the actor had quit twitter after abusive comments,but had rejoined when Anubhav Sinha prodded him. The superstars last tweet that came on January 9 is loaded with meaning“Sad, I read so much judgements, jingoism, religious intolerance on the net & I used to think, this platform will change narrowmindedness, but no!” Shah Rukh khan wrote.

Its no secret that celebrities have to often put up with slurs,taunts and insults from online irritants. Buzz is that after the actors article in the outlook magazine where he had spoken about how being a Muslim in India, his patriotism was doubted by some bigots . There was a lot of hue and cry as his comments were misconstructed and Shah Rukh khan was seen as loyal to Pakistan , the actor was flooded with abusive comments.

Loyal fans of Shah Rukh khan would surely want him to come back on Twitter .