After Sanjay Kapur’s wedding, is it Karisma Kapoor’s turn to tie the knot?

It was only yesterday that we came to know about Karisma Kapoor‘s ex husband Sanjay Kapur tying the know with Priya Sachdev, in a small ceremony in New Delhi, and looks like Karisma too is all set to move on in life.

Allegedly, Karisma is said to be in a relationship with Sandeep Toshniwal and if reports are to be believed, the two have been quite thick since a while now. However, the hindrance in their love story was Sandeep’s wife, Dr Ashrita, who was not ready to divorce him. But, here is some good news for the couple. (Also Read: Karisma Kapoor’s ex-husband ties the knot with his girlfriend Priya Sachdev)

According to SpotboyE, Dr Ashrita has finally changed her mind and will soon be divorcing Sandeep. Sources say that the preliminary divorce proceedings have already begun and Ashrita is following every step of it.

Reports also have it that a few of Ashrita’s close friends explained to her that there is no use fighting the case and to not lose everything that she is left with. And hence, she took the decision.

The final alimony that has been decided between the two parties is Rs 2 Cr to Ashrita, and Rs 3 Cr each to both the daughters (11 yrs and 6 yrs each) in lump sum. Their children’s custody will be with the mother.