Deepika Padukone : Ranbir Kapoor is a very supportive co-star

Gorgeous actress Deepika Padukone has grown up today in more than one way .She comes across as someone who has figured out everything,at present she shares a good equation with Ranbir Kapoor her ex-flame.

As per sources,Deepika said,”During the shooting of our upcoming film, I finally discovered Ranbir as a very supportive co-star. He’s very patient and won’t be annoyed even if I’m taking more time to get the shot right. A lot of this has to do with our comfort level, our history and the understanding we share”.

She further revealed,”this journey from being strangers to being friends is what I cherish today. I take a lot of pride in his success. It’s great to see his films do well and career graph soar”.

Looks like a mutual  admiration society to me.