Did CBFC officials walk out of Raveena Tandon’s ‘Maatr’ movie screening?

Raveena Tandon-starrer hard-hitting social drama ‘Maatr‘ has not impressed the CBFC. The movie depicts the tale of a mother who is out to seek revenge for the rape of her daughter. But, it seems like the content has not impressed CBFC Chief, Pahlaj Nihalani and his committee. (Also Read: ‘Maatr’: Raveena Tandon’s stellar act in ‘Zindagi aye Zindagi’ moves you emotionally)

Reports in DNA state that when the screening of ‘Maatr’ was held for the CBFC, officials from the committee walked out in just ten minutes after it started. The reason they gave was that they were not convinced with the content of the movie as it did not match the expectations and ideas they were given by the makers.

According to a source, “We were given a copy of the screenplay prior to the screening, so we know what to expect and which areas in the storytelling need our intervention. In this case, we realised in ten minutes that we were being shown a different film from what we had been given at the script level. So the screening had to be stopped.”

However, the producer of the movie, Anjum Rizvi had this to say. He said, “The censor screening had to be stopped due to technical reasons. We are showing the film to the Board again.”

The producer further stated, “Unless you show such scenes, how do you convey to the audience what the film is all about? Without these scenes, the film looks flat. CBFC (Central Board of Film Certification) guidelines state that violence and blood cannot be shown in trailers seeking a ‘U’ or ‘UA’ rating. If insisted upon, it will get an ‘A’ certificate. We wanted to release the trailer in the coming week, so we had to cut some shots, redo it and finally, we got an U/A.”