Alia Bhatt: My Father and I stay away from each other’s business

Bollywood’s hot newbie actress Alia Bhatt, prefers taking her own professional decisions. Being a daughter of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt who is known a spade, Alia is not at all overshadowed by her famous father. She prefers taking her own decision. Alia said that she and her father try to stay away from each other’s business.



As per sources, Alia’s candid confession regarding her father is that, she may talk her heart out to her dad otherwise but doesn’t like the interference of her father in her professional life and doesn’t bother her father too by questioning or giving him suggestions about his profession.

The two of them maintain a distance from each other when it comes to their work.  Mahesh Bhatt believes in his daughter and has given her all the liberty to make her choice!

Lucky gal we say to have a father who moves with time.