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Going on a DATE? Look classy and sexy just like Kangana Ranaut…but in your budget!

Image Source - Instagram, Pinterest

The most crucial point in a girls life is when she is confused on What to Wear? Be it she going for a friend’s birthday or on a date, the task is literally a hectic one. And so we here have imagined a situation where if you fall into the category then…read on.

If you are the one who is always mixed minded on what to wear on a date? We give you three suggestions straight from Kangana’s closet…but within your budget.

1. The BRUNCH date look

If your date happens to be all about noon and brunch, then we guess a cute floral dress is a must wear. But the interesting part here is that we have fetched it out a Kangana Ranaut attire for you. Just go to Jabong and you are done and how.

2. The late NIGHT date look

We’re so sure you might have paused the trailer of ‘Simran’ when you saw Kangana absolutely owning this red Bardot dress. A well hugged red dress that shows off your shoulders is what you want to sport for a date night with your special someone. Aren’t we right? We found one that’ll serve the purpose and won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

3. The SOPHISTICATED date look

Yeah, it’s again red because girls look HOT in the colour. And Kangana showed her love affair for red by donning a Dolce and Gabbana dress. But we know know…no one can shell out that much of moolah as the actress. And so here’s a cheaper version.

Hope the article serves the purpose. Stay stylish, girls!

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