Huma Qureshi’s flower adornments are bigger than the biggest spring blooms!

Image Source - Instagram@iamhumaq

Huma Qureshi’s gown at the GQ Style Awards 2018 is so creative that it is open to a zillion interpretations. While the actress looked just about all right, the gigantic flower adornments could be mistaken for paper flowers or probably oversized pink mushrooms. (Also Read: Huma’s sanely priced dress is a summer saviour!)

We get it! Let’s not make it troll-like jibber-jabber because fashion, as we know, is always tricky. But you’ve got to agree that those gigantic flowers are the biggest you must have ever seen. Was Huma secretly trying to remind us that it’s springtime?

Image Source - Yogen Shah

Whatever the case may be, we’re a bit miffed. For the red carpet appearance, the actress wore this black gown from Gaurav Gupta, which had these pink plissé floral accents on the shoulder and waist. The contrasting trimmings had that 3D vibe and they totally got us distracted.

There was something about the gown that reminded us of celebrity designers Gauri and Nainika’s creations, especially Deepika Padukone’s equally flowery (but sexier) black gown she had worn at the Star Screen Awards 2016. Don’t you think so? Check out her controversial outfit here.

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Styled by Anisha Jain, Huma kept the makeup look minimal but she could have easily opted for an eye-popping lipstick instead. Her hair was tied back in a messy ponytail and she ditched accessories completely, which was indeed a clever decision. Even a tiny accessory could have made the look very complicated.

This gown is not everyone’s cup of tea and certainly didn’t flatter Huma’s towering personality. Never mind; there’ll always be a next time.