I Don’t Like Facebook,Twitter – Asin Thottumkal

Asin doesn’t likes to promote her movies on facebook or twitter. Recently the actresses said“I am not at all good at publicising myself. I am not expressive and can’t go out there, like most other people and put my life out for public consumption. I mean it’s great that there are people who do that and it benefits them but I am just not attuned to the concept of being on Twitter of Facebook.” Point out that Twitter does have an account that has been registered under her name and she clarifies that it’s a fake account.

She Reveals that there are lots of fake accounts stating that they are real asin, but I’m not on any Social Networking Site.

The actress says that though she doesn’t have anything against actors who promote themselves, she can’t do that. “Self- marketing is not in my genes but I have to admit that I need to get a little more active on that front. I am a moody person and I can’t keep posting details of what happens every second day in my life. My policy is simple – why sign up for something in the first place when you know you are not going to be able to do full justice to it? I want to give my fans and followers personal attention and since that isn’t going to be always possible, I’d rather not give them false hopes,” she explains.