Katrina Kaif Tests Ranbir Kapoor’s Love

Katrina Kaif  who has never admitted to being in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor was recently spotted stepping out of the Kapoor mansion in Bandra, looking pleased as punch.But Rumors are that their relation has hit an all time low.Katrina, who was well aware of Ranbir’s charming ways with women, embraced the relationship against her better judgement.The flashpoint in the relationship has been Ranbir’s decision to work with Deepika in Yeh Jawaani… and their chemistry which is being cleverly leveraged by the filmmakers.

As per information,Katrina, who has never spared any effort to keep the magic alive in her relationship with Ranbir, has decided to put Ranbir to the classic love-test – she had decided to step back and see if RK is committed enough to walk the talk. “Contrary to what people may think of her, deep down Katrina is just a simple girl, who wants nothing more than a loving family and a caring man to come home to.”

It remains to be seen if that man is Ranbir Kapoor.