Is Juhi Chawla miffed with Shahrukh Khan?

Bollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan’s friendship with actress Juhi Chawla is not the same as before all thanks to the actors busy schedule .

The actress who has worked with the superstar in a number of movies and shared a close relation with him, feels that it is not the same anymore,”Whose friendship is the same as ever before anyways! And we are very, very busy people and Shah Rukh Khan is all the more busy than anyone, so where we have time for friendships? But of course we are friends, no doubt.”

Shah Rukh and Juhi were considered one of the best on screen pair in Bollywood. She is ready to pair up with him again on-screen,”Of course I would love to do a film with him. Anybody will be interested in doing a film with him. But how, when, where all this, maybe you should ask him only,”

At present the actress is very much excited about her role in ‘Gulab Gang’ where for the first time she has played a negative role.