Ouch! Riya Sen went to the restaurant and asked for some s*x?

Slip of tongue can put you to the most embarrassing situations at times. Actress Riya Sen, who is trying to revamp her career in Bollywood these days, recently fell prey to such a self-made goof up.

According to a report on SpotBoye, the actress was in Andheri and stepped into a restaurant. She was in a mood for some eggs and called the waiter to make her order. However, neither she nor the waiter were prepared for what happened next.

The recipe she wanted to order was, ‘eggs on the beach’. Instead of asking “can I have some eggs please?”, Riya asked “can I have some s*x please?”… !! The waiter was dumbstruck, to say the least. (Also Read: Riya Sen’s holiday pictures will give you some serious vacation goals)

Big LOL. We can smell the awkward silence from here itself. Riya probably mixed it up with the popular drink ‘s*x on the beach*. But still, it must have embarrassed herself as well.

Never mind. Mistakes happen!