Ranbir Kapoor : I’m a decent football player

Actor Ranbir Kapoor, also co-owner of Mumbai City FC,likes to believe that he can play football well.

“I always believed that I am a decent football player. I used to show off that I know football and I own a team. But you get a reality check when you play with these guys. What you see on TV is different.

“It may seem really simple, but when you play with them, you understand the kind of discipline, respect, talent these people have. I feel honoured and gratitude that I got to share the field with them,” said Ranbir.

The “Barfi!” star has been spotted with his team. But he says he doesn’t train with them.

“No, I don’t train with the boys. I had just played one game,” said Ranbir.

Although his team didn’t perform well last year, he is confident it will do better this season.

“I never felt the failure, of course a lot of my movies have not done well. My last one being a huge disaster. But the kind of feeling I got after the last season was bigger than that. I think sports make you face that. When you support a team and your team does not come through, you feel dejected,” said the “Bombay Velvet” actor.

“Positivity is absolutely critical. It is important. We have four great superstars which the team players can look up to, we have budding superstars. I think all those involved in the team, the football club, the fans and everyone expect respect, humility, hard work, discipline, passion and most important victory. This year I think we will get it all,” said Ranbir.

Inputs by IANS