Himesh Reshammiya : Salman Khan has a great sense of music

Actor , Music Director, Producer Himesh Reshammiya, 40, has equal doses of creativity and business in his blood. He is the commercial success of anything he does . Himesh shares a family like relation with Salman Khan, whom he considers as an elder brother. Sallu had even played a mentor for Himesh by giving  him his break. Along with Salman Khan he shares a good equation with Bhushan Kumar head honcho of  T Series.


As per sources, Himesh says, “Salman is my elder brother. He had promised me a break and he kept his promise. He is a very generous and emotional guy. He works with everybody and I don’t ask him questions. I would feel bad if he didn’t work with me, but I am doing a few songs in Kick and am happy with that. Mr Bhushan Kumar has also been very important in my career. Out of 114 films that I have done, I have done 93 films with him. I can call him up at night and tell him a composition and within a minute he can understand the composition on the phone itself. Salman bhai has such a great sense of music that he catches the composition even faster than Mr Bhushan Kumar.”

Himesh’s upcoming film X’Pose songs are already a hit with viewers.