Shahrukh Khan : Aamir Khan is an inspiration to other actors

Seems like the two superstars – Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan have decided to be friends again. Recently the two were seen travelling together in a cab in Delhi and now SRK is singing praise of the Perfectionist Khan.

According to sources, Shahrukh Khan said, “He is the finest actor the country has. For his role (in ‘Dhoom 3’) he required that kind of body. He does some trapeze work in the film… for him to work out that way (to have a perfect body) it is fantastic and inspiring. Aamir leads the way and is always an inspiration like this not only physically and mentally but with the kind of job and work he does. I really appreciate it.”

Now Aamir is playing a baddie in the movie, seeing this Shahrukh too feels like playing a negative character once again as he had played in many of his movies at the start of his career in Bollywood. “It is long time I haven’t played such a role, I will like to do it. If I am offered (anti-hero role) I will do it though it may not be commercially very befitting.”

Hope you get your wish fulfilled Shahrukh.