Why Did Shahrukh Khan Call Sonu Sood ‘Mr. Smooth’

Actor Sonu Sood had his dream of working with Shahrukh Khan fulfilled, when he was signed by Farah Khan for her next ‘Happy New Year‘ with SRK. The shoot of the first schedule of the movie was taking place in Dubai with the star cast. Here Sonu was given a new name by Farah Khan as ‘Sonu Smooth.’

According to source, Sonu Sood is a smooth talker this quality of the actor caught the attention of Farah Khan who gave him a new nickname of ‘Sonu Smooth’. Soon there were a dozen messages being floated on a social networking site between Abhishek Bachchan, Deepika Padukone, SRK and Farah, all of who referred to their co-star as ‘Sonu Smooth’ instead of Sonu Sood.

Even at a press conference Shahrukh Khan referred to Sonu as ‘Mr Smooth’, to call him on the dias