What!! Salman Khan had warned Katrina Kaif over Ranbir Kapoor?

Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor sent a shock wave in the industry when they decided to call it a split to their 6-year long relationship. The news of their relationship hitting the rock bottom was making the rounds of grapevine for quite some time but the confirmation over their split only came after the Kapoor lad left their love nest and moved to his bachelor pad in Bandra. But amidst this Ranbir-Katrina break-up saga, one name which was being linked to this story is that of Katrina’s ex-boyfriend Salman Khan.

Gossip mills have been abuzz with the news which said that Salman advised Katrina to break-up with Ranbir. Post their split, Salman and Katrina have been spotted together numerous times. All said and done, Salman and Katrina remain good friends despite all the drama. But did you know that Mr. Bhaijaan had predicted RanKat’s fallout well in advance? Yes, according to a leading media agency, Salman had warned ‘Fitoor’ lady to not settle with Ranbir and he was sure that Kapoor lad will leave her heartbroken. So the story goes.

Once, Salman realised that Katrina has shots for Ranbir Kapoor, the ‘Dabangg’ Khan landed up at her doorstep in a drunken state. That’s when he said “Don’t go with Ranbir. You’re making a mistake, he will leave you heartbroken. You’ll regret leaving me for Ranbir.”

Okay, now this is a shocker! We don’t know whether there’s any truth behind the story but, it’s surprising to know that his prediction actually did come true. Ranbir and Katrina did suffer a fallout and with the news revolving around Salman-Katrina, we can sense that she is even regretting breaking up with Salman.