When Akshay Oberoi spooked Emraan Hashmi

Pizza 3D, an upcoming horror film about to hit the theatres soon. It seems that after watching the spooky film all you pizza lovers will think twice before ordering it. Well the makers of the supernatural thriller recently came up with a unique marketing gimmick.

As per sources, the film’s lead actor, Akshay Oberoi, delivered a pizza to Emraan Hashmi, which had toppings that looked like cut fingers, eye sockets and hair strands. Emmi was repulsed by the cake but impressed with the innovative promotional strategy.

Sources further added that the two actors were seen bonding over supernatural experiences and Emraan jokingly said, “I’d love to meet a sexy female Ghost. ” The actor discussed at length with Akshay about the film in which he plays a pizza delivery boy, who gets locked in a haunted house and faces his moment of fear.

Pizza 3D, produced by UTV Spotboy and Getaway Films, the supernatural flick is all set to hit the theaters by July 18.