‘Ya Rab’ – Mahesh Bhatt vs Censor Board

Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt , who is supporting and co-producing ‘Ya Rab’, a film based on religious fundamentalists, said the movie faced a lot of trouble with the Censor Board as the examining committee was not ready to give it a U/A certificate.



According to sources, Mahesh Bhatt confessed that, “The examining committee of [Central Board of Film Certification] refused to see the film and give it the certificate that we wanted. We wanted U/A certificate for the film but the Censor Board was not willing to do so unless some cuts were done. The revising committee got cold feet.”

Then Bhatt and the makers of the film decided to go to the tribunal to seek a U/A certificate for the film. “Finally me and director Hasnain Hyderabadwala went to the Tribunal and thank god, India has people who have integrity, who have courage. There Lalit Bhasin, who was heading the tribunal, looked at Hasnain with awe and said ‘you have made a brilliant film. I think India needs to see this film’.”

So as we say Mr. Bhatt – All is well that ends well!