Zareen Khan – Losing, gaining weight all part of movies

Actress Zareen Khan, who once faced body-shaming, looked fit and fabulous in erotic thriller “Hate Story 3” . She says “losing or putting on weight” to look a certain way are “all part” of showbiz, but “real men like curves”.

“We are actors and this is our job…We are supposed to be committed to our job and we are supposed to do these things (gain or lose weight according to the demand for roles),” Zareen told IANS.

“There is a lot of hard work that goes into it,” she added.

Several tinsel town actresses have faced body-shaming because of their curvy frames. Whether it was Vidya Balan or more recently, Parineeti Chopra — they have all been victims to it.

Asked if Bollywood prefers slimmer actresses, Zareen said: “I think, each to his own and I think everybody has a different choice. I personally feel that bones are for dogs and real men like curves!”.

Inputs by IANS