Aditya Seal & Anushka Ranjan’s love story: 1st meeting, break-up, proposal & shaadi | Chemistry 101

Aditya Seal and Anushka Ranjan just got married recently and the couple have an insane amount of positive aura emanating from them. For the third episode of Chemistry 101, presented by Bollywood Bubble, we have the lovely couple joining us for a super fun chat. From talking about their 1st meeting and how Anushka manifested it, to feeling that Aditya is an arrogant Bollywood actor, they narrate some hilarious stories from the time before they started dating. Aditya also attempted to propose her three months into their relationship but stopped, after a close friend’s suggestion. Not just that, the lovely couple talk about their fights, breaking up several times in between and being insecure of the other one’s past and exes. But they finally made it stronger each time and look where they are today. Adi has set a new benchmark for all with his dreamy proposal, fairytale wedding plans, his rendition of her entry song Kive Mukhde, and of course life beyond that. Watch the super fun and candid chat right here.