Ajay Devgn & Rakul Preet Singh on Runway 34, trolls, dad Veeru Devgn’s death, Kajol, kids Nysa & Yug

Ajay Devgn and Rakul Preet Singh are turning heads, after delivering tel fantastic trailers of their next film Runway 34. The film’s promos have already piqued the audience’s interests and when we got a chance to corner them for a candid chat only on Bollywood Bubble, we spoke to them at length about everything. While many rever Ajay for his brilliant acting prowess, very few know that he actually wanted to become a filmmaker more than an actor – possibly also why he’s so involved and directs few films too. Rakul, on the other hand, is an army kid and dons the uniform for the first time. Here, they open up about their film, dealing with nasty media reports – Ajay recalls incidents where he’s run behind journalists with knives as well post a salacious story – and why they don’t get affected by trolls anymore. Not just that, he also gets emotional talking about his dad Veeru Devgn and losing him a few years ago. And of course, he talks about his wife Kajol and kids Nysa and Yug’s reactions to his films, especially this one. Watch the full interview to find out more.