Arbaaz Khan on lesser known Dabangg trivia, Salman Khan & Salim Khan’s advice | Khandaan Edition

Presenting you Bollywood Bubble’s latest show The Khandaan Edition, powered by Bollycoin where we have Arbaaz khan joining us for the first episode. While nephew Ayaan Agnihotri is all set to launch the exclusive Dabangg NFTs on December 30, we caught up with the producer-actor behind Dabangg, Arbaaz Khan who shared some never heard before trivia about the film. Did you know that Dabangg was initially planned as a dark cop drama with someone else? Did you know that it was Salman Khan who was behind the iconic belt move or the itne chhed karenge dialogue? Not just that, Arbaaz also reveals how the film went overbudget by 20 crore and they lost a lot of money till it released and they recovered all of it back. With the Dabangg posters being made into NFTs for the fans across the globe, Arbaaz also shares that he’s immensely proud of the film and reveals Salim Khan’s expert advice after hearing the film’s script. Watch the full interview here. Dabangg NFTs will launch tomorrow. Check out to get yours from Dec 30, onwards.