Arjun Kapoor on parents’ separation, accepting Khushi & Janhvi Kapoor: We are not a perfect family

Arjun Kapoor is known to be an absolute family man. While he has had his share of personal turmoil in his childhood, following his parents – Boney Kapoor & mom Mona Kapoor’s high profile separation, the life experiences have made him tougher and well prepared for anything else in life. But today’s Arjun is mature and sensible too. While he shares that his friends bullied him after his dad got married to Sridevi, who happened to be the biggest superstar Heroine at that point, he stood by his entire family post the unfortunate demise of the English Vinglish star. Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor can be seen bonding with Anshula Kapoor and Arjun and everything seems to be all hunky dory, but an honest Arjun reveals that he still doesn’t want to “sell the perfect family image” because they are after all, two families and units adjusting and accepting each other now.

Whoever knows Arjun remotely will tell you how well behaved and polite he is with everyone around, but he has always battled the perception of being aggressive and passive. He opens up about the same and the several misconceptions around him. Lastly, Arjun also gives his take on social media trolling and vindictive reviews that attack his personality more than his craft. This is possibly Arjun’s MOST HONEST interview till date.

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