Dalljiet Kaur on divorce with Shalin Bhanot, Bigg Boss remark, not having money & being a single mom

Dalljiet Kaur and Shalin Bhanot’s relationship has seen many highs and lows. Once considered one of TV’s loved couples, their marriage came crashing down, after Dalljiet lodged a complaint of domestic violence against Shalin and filed for divorce. That was over a decade ago when their son Jaydon was still an infant. Today, he is in school and despite being sometimes questioned for being raised just by a single mother, he has learned how to not get affected by the same, reveals Dalljiet. In this candid chat, Dalljiet talks about her tumultuous times – battling the social prejudice behind a divorce, and financial woes where she didn’t have enough money to eat and also shares how her family reacted to the news. While you may also seem why we have had to bring up her past, well, her ex-husband Shalin is now a Bigg Boss contestant and during one of the episodes, he not only claimed he was ‘best friends’ with Dalljiet, he also made a callous remark when Tina Datta asked him if their relationship was allegedly abusive in nature. That irked Dalljiet and she has taken a rather angry stand against this remark. Watch the full video to find out!