Jennifer Winget on her journey, divorce, family’s support, being called ‘nasty’ & TV tag

Jennifer Winget has always been one of the toprunners from the TV industry and boy, she’s proud of her roots. When we decided to kickstart the third season of Her Story on Bollywood Bubble, we immediately reached out to Jenny who gave us her nod. They say it’s perseverance when you brave all life’s oddballs thrown at you, but it’s considered strength when you do all of it with a smile. She winged her beautiful smile as she battled against several ups and downs in her life. From being a child artist to having her big moments of fame, from having a supportive set of family and friends to falling in love and not knowing anything else, Jennifer is the regular next-door girl. In this candid chat with out host Nayandeep Rakshit, our star opens up on her journey, how she battled a phase of under-confidence and how she was considered ‘nasty’ ‘unapproachable’ by many who knew her. She also explains why she decided to get married at the peak of her career. She also revealed that while many questioned her choice, she stuck to it and even while the divorce was on and she cut out people from her list, she didn’t want sympathy or gloat in self-pity. Does she blame her partner for the separation? No! Jennifer takes equal responsibility and it shows. We ask if it has made her cynical about romance and she answers that at as well. Watch her fearless chat right here, because if she can, you can too!