Karan Johar on trolls, not having a love life, losing his dad, single parenting | His Story

When we at Bollywood Bubble decided on planning a His Story segment, the first name we thought of was indeed Karan Johar – an exceptionally talented filmmaker who has often been judged for being himself. For wearing the clothes he wears, for doing the shows he does and of course, for the community he represents. From fashion to his sexuality, people have viciously trolled Karan ever since we knew the meaning of the word trolling. In the opening episode of our chat show, we corner him on his own Koffee couch for an emotional tell-all on battling societal judgment and the tag of ‘movie mafia’. Not just that, he also discusses the void he feels in his heart for not having a love life and gets very emotional talking about his dad. But he also spreads a lot of smiles, as his show is gearing up for the seventh season, addresses if relationships get affected because of vehement nos for the show and his lovely two additions Yash and Roohi.