Malaika Arora on emotional lows, age shaming, being judged for her divorce, relationship | Her Story

Malaika Arora joins us for the final episode of Limelight Lab Grow CVD Diamonds presents Her Story, only on Bollywood Bubble, hosted by Nayandeep Rakshit. In this unfiltered chat, Malaika opens up on dealing with emotional upheavals and how yoga helped her find a sense of self in such tough times. Over the years, Malaika has been a huge victim of social media bullying and societal judgment, especially post her divorce. While the society is inherently sexist, it always jumps first to shame and judge a woman when they go through a divorce or are in a relationship. Malla reveals she faced it all and although it was her ‘lowest’ phase but she sailed through all of it. Malaika also opened up about another topic that often gets overlooked – age shaming – she reveals she has often been ridiculed online and shamed for what she wears, does or looks like, at her age. In times of trolling and ridiculous comments, Malaika adds that she is constantly slut shamed online for her neckline or hemline. More in this brave and bold interview. Watch.