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Watch: Ranveer Singh’s new ad promotes animal cruelty?

Bollywood brat Ranveer Singh‘s new advertisement might get him into a tangle with PETA. The hyperactive actor seen beating a shark senseless in the new advertisement of an underwear brand. The goofy actor does all this to impress the ladies.

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Ranveer Singh who is quite a ladies man is seen in the ad too as the same. The advertisement starts with Ranveer Singh dressed in the said brands vest , impressing girls with his style. He is seen building sand castles, grooving to a beat while catching ball, in all has girls swooning over him.

Suddenly a cry of help is heard and our superhero rushes to the rescue. The Baniyan Man jumps into the sea to save a girl from a shark with bare hands. Next he is seen beating the shark senseless. It is known that Sharks are a protected species. So this stint by Ranveer Singh is truly distasteful.

So are a certain animal right activists paying attention to Ranveer Singh’s ad.

Watch the video below