Nia Sharma on trolls, being called unprofessional, shamed, TV tag & non-payment of dues | Her Story

Nia Sharma is undoubtedly one of the bravest and boldest celebrities we have today and she joins us for the fifth episode of Limelight Lab Grown CVD Diamonds presents Her Story season 2, only on Bollywood Bubble, hosted by Nayandeep Rakshit. In this candid chat, Nia opens up on her struggles discussing how people have often judged and shamed her for her fashion choices. She also reveals how her friends and boyfriends too have slut-shamed her on several occasions, even claiming that she walks around ‘naked on the red carpet’. The Naagin star also reacts to troll comments, how she has often been targetted online and the ridiculous comments that she has to face, on a daily basis. Apart from that, she also opens up on battling the TV tag and how producers have often not given her big Bollywood projects because of her TV background. Even while working on the small screen, Nia reveals being treated like a slave, being called unprofessional when she decided to leave on time, and having to fight for her own money. All this and more in this beautiful interview. Watch it here.