Rakhi Sawant & Adil on their relationship, family’s reaction, ex Ritesh, marriage & having babies

 Rakhi Sawant’s relationship with boyfriend Adil Khan Durrani raised quite a few eyebrows. But the couple have been going strong and with their latest track Tu Mere Dil Mein Rehne Ke Layak Nahi crossing millions of views on YouTube and we cornered both of them for a chat. In this interview, they speak openly about their relationship and how the family members who were initially objecting to their affair have now come to terms with it and accepted them. Not just that, Rakhi breaks down talking about her past experience, her divorce with Ex husband Ritesh and how it left her in trauma, battling depression. Rakhi shares the kind of vile comments and judgment both she and Adil get to read and face on a daily basis and why it takes a toll on her. In the end, the duo discuss marriage plans and Rakhi expressed her desire to have babies very soon. Watch the emotional interview right here.