Ranbir Kapoor’s secret project leaked!

Ranbir Kapoor who is tagged as the next superstar was caught on Chuppa Rustom camera doing a jig on Amitabh Bachchan‘s famous hit song ‘Saara Zamaana Haseeno Ka Deewana’ from ‘Yaraana’ dressed in a suit of lights. Well seems like some secret project undertaken by him or maybe a secret tribute to someone.

Ranbir was quite immersed in perfecting the steps that were choreographed by Remo. He looked quite adorable in the white costume. The moment the video was uploaded on social media it became an instant hit garnering maximum response within a short time. Well why not, as this Kapoor who comes from Bollywood’s prestigious family with the genes of his grandfather Raj Kapoor – The Showman of Bollywood; and people sure love to know about what’s happening in his life.

Well if it was a secret project Ranbir sure must not be happy with the  invasion in his personal life.

Check out the video below.