Rubina Dilaik on rejections, financial lows, depression, being judged & cheated, divorce | Her Story

Rubina Dilaik has always been known to be fierce, fiesty and fearless. The TV Queen turned heads when she won Bigg Boss 14 last year but what the audiences loved was how she stood on, like a consort battleship holding on to her value system. Which is also why we decided to have Rubina open the second season of Limelight Lab Grown CVD Diamonds presents Her Story on Bollywood Bubble, hosted by Nayandeep Rakshit. In this candid tell-all, Rubina opens up about her struggles, the constant criticism and public perception she has has to brave through all her life. From being called arrogant to being criticised for the way she looked, Rubina has faced all of it. Not just that, Rubina narrates shocking incidents where her dues weren’t paid on time and she was cheated of Rs 16 lakhs, following which she had to sell off her two houses and car in Mumbai. A public break-up with an ex landed her in terrible emotional turmoil and depression, and Rubina has fought through all of it like a tigress. Apart from that, she also addresses how her relationship with Abhinav Shukla has always been judged, post the couple’s admission on the reality show that they were almost headed for a divorce. Finally, voicing for sustainability and eco friendly choices, she also plays a super fun game and wins a 100% real but sustainable diamond ring – her first, for herself! Watch the full video to watch Her Story in details.