Sayantani Ghosh on bodyshaming, weird comments, financial woes, being replaced & casting couch

Sayantani Ghosh rose to super stardom as the new age Naagin, much before it became a phenomenon on TV. And over the years, she has taken calculated risks that have not only established herself as a star but also as a prolific performer. In this no-holda barred chat with Nayandeep Rakshit from Bollywood Bubble, Sayantani opens up about the horrific experiences she has had over the years. Whether it’s being subjected to casting couch not once but twice, or being bodyshamed for having bigger breasts, she has had to battle a lot of shaming and weird comments. In fact, someone told her she might be having a lot of sex because she was not flat-chested. Not just that, she also opens up about battling major financial crisis when she didn’t have work for over a year and how she had to sell off her houses and shift to a rented Apartment. Apart from these, she discusses the number of times she was replaced, rejected and stereotyped for being a Bengali and how she overcame all of that. Watch the full interview to find out!