Shaheer Sheikh on life with Ruchikaa, his simple marriage, having Anaya, parenthood & losing his dad

Shaheer Sheikh is known to be a shy, reserved man but when it comes to talking to his friends and on matters of the heart, he is at his candid best. Delivering one of the smash hits Iss Baarish Mein that’s currently trending on music charts, Shaheer joins Bollywood Bubble host Nayandeep Rakshit for a conversation, where he discusses about almost everything – from his opinion on love and his first relationship to his love story with wife Ruchikaa Kapoor and the idea behind opting for a simple yet beautiful marriage ceremony. He also talks about life with his daughter Anaya and how parenthood has changed him. Shaheer Sheikh shares it for the first time ever that Anaya wasn’t a planned child, but he’s happy she arrived earlier than expected in life as his father got to spend time with her, before Shaheer lost him earlier this year. The entire chat is honest, emotional, and beautiful. Hope you guys enjoy it.