Sonali Bendre on her cancer journey, going bald, breaking news to her son & bodyshaming

Sonali Bendre has been a true blue warrior for many fighters who are battling the big C. Yes, her cancer journey has been nothing less than inspirational. In this episode of Her Story on Bollywood Bubble, Sonali opens up to host Nayandeep Rakshit about her entire battle with cancer – one that she’s won! The 90s star reveals that while the news shocked her and everyone, she was told upon arrival that she only had 30% chances of survival. From there to here, it’s been a long journey. She also opens up about how she took to the news, how the family especially her husband Goldie Behl stood by her through the tough times and why it was difficult for them to break the news to her teenage son. She also discusses losing hair, going bald and not opting for a wig – something that inspired many and questioned several unrealistic beauty standards set for women. Along with that, Sonali also opens up about bodyshaming and recalls a time during the 90s when she was skinny shamed and was told ‘she’s not voluptuous enough to be a woman’. All this and more, in this candid chat right here.