Surbhi Jyoti on facing judgements, dealing with suggestive comments, Pearl V Puri | Xtraordinary You

The third episode for Xtraordinary You has the lovely Surbhi Jyoti. From Punjab to Mumbai, Surbhi’s journey in showbiz has been an inspiring one. The actress not only started off with a hugely successful show but maintained the rhythm. She is able to compartmentalise between good vibes and bad and her coping mechanisms are strong as AF. The chat with Surbhi is inspiring and something to take notes from. She claims to be ‘highly optimistic’ and her positive side will rub you the right way. She also addressed rumours of dating Pearl V Puri and KSG and if it ever bothered her. Surbhi also explained why she chooses to keep her personal life private. You don’t want to miss this heart-to-heart chat with Surbhi Jyoti.