Taapsee Pannu on labels, pay disparity, sexism: A South actor got my dialogues changed | Her Story

Taapsee Pannu is known to be a fiercely dynamic woman. In fact, in her latest film, she embodies the role of Mithali Raj to the point because she believes in the same thought process. For the third season of Her Story on Bollywood Bubble, we finally have Taapsee joining our host Nayandeep Rakshit for a conversation. While Taapsee has come a long way and made her presence felt, thanks to a few consistent good performances, there’s a few -isms she has been battling continuously. From casual sexism to rampant pay disparity, from battling hero worship to being shamed for her appearance, she has seen it all. In this candid chat, she reminisces those days when she was rejected for a role for her looks. “They said you’re not good looking enough to be a Heroine, ” she tells us. She also narrates a shocking incident down South where a hero made the film team change her lines despite her constant disapproval. While today, she has catapulted herself to the big league, she reveals that at one point, she wasn’t respected at the awards – wasn’t even nominated for Pink and of course, asked to sit on the third row despite the first two rows being empty. But it won’t be wrong to say that now, she has become a powerful face of change and raises topics that need to be discussed. So more power to her. And hope you enjoy this conversation!