‘Trailer- The Movie’ featuring Virat Kohli is finally here!

The industry has been abuzz with rumours of the cricketing world’s boy wonder and recently awarded Khel Ratna award winner Virat Kohli’s big project off the pitch. The poster and teaser for the short film ‘Trailer – The Movie’ backed by Wrogn Productions has created a massive stir amidst his fans and audiences who simply couldn’t wait to see him in this new avatar.

While we had told to earlier that perhaps, the poster with which Virat had teased his fans might be of an advertisement, and today putting all his fans to ease and revealing the truth finally, Virat has just shared the actual trailer via his social media handle. Sharing the trailer, Virat wrote, “We did put the right date on the poster, it’s just that we decided to release it on the #Wrogn date. So, without further ado, here is #TrailerTheMovie. Check it out while I prepare my Oscar acceptance speech. @StayWrogn #StayMadStayWrogn”

Created and conceptualized by the production unit of Virat’s own fashion brand Wrogn, the short film showcases Virat in a multidimensional and action-packed avatar. In short, we can say that this trailer takes a dig at everything a superhero is expected to do in a movie.

With no movie attached to it, this Trailer is an ad campaign for Kohli’s apparel brand Wrogn. So what the cricketer is not making his silver screen debut you guys can just sit back and enjoy this brilliant and edgy short format showcase headlined by none other than Virat.

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