WATCH: Here’s a fun video of Ranveer Singh copying Fawad Khan’s female fans

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh is famous for his quirky ways. The actor loves to be the center of attraction at any given function. The ‘Bajirao Mastani’ actor who was at Madrid to attend the IIFA 2016 awards, gave quite a performance there when he imitated Fawad Khan’s female fans’ reaction on seeing their idol. He had fun pulling Fawad Khan’s leg.

It so happened that Ranveer who swept the awards at the prestigious awards function held in Madrid, was busy talking to the press when Pakistani actor Fawad Khan passed by. No sooner the Pakistani heartthrob was spotted by his fans than they started calling out his name. Now how could Ranveer let such an opportunity pass by? He soon started imitating Fawad’s girl fans and how they act every time he comes in front of them.

Ranveer shrieked Fawad’s name in a shrill voice with a bunch of histrionics. He went over to Fawad and was swooning over his good looks all in fun and also asking for a selfie to record the moment. Ranveer even asked the girls around as to what happens when they see Fawad Khan and the immediate filmy reply was, “Kuch kuch hota hai Ranveer, tum nahi samjhoge.”

Watch the fun video below to know more about it,

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